Holz & Stein offers custom installation of marble countertops in Dallas, TX. The word Marble is Greek in derivation and roughly translates to a “crystallized form of Limestone”. As testified to in viewing thousand year old buildings, statues and beautiful works of art, Marble will certainly endure the test of time. It may also be the one stone that creates making a decision very difficult. Albeit a lot of marble consists of whites, grays and tans, there are many variations that have additional colors as result of impurities initially mixed with the stone millennia’s ago. Great for the kitchen or bath. When selecting a color or color combination you think will go well for your needs, please be aware these are natural materials so each slab selected will have it’s own different and unique color saturation, veining, hue and reflective nature. To that end and more often than not, our quarry selection includes multiple slabs cut from the same block of stone so quality consistency on large jobs is guaranteed. Contact us to get a free quote for marble countertops in the Dallas, DFW area.